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And Then There Were Two
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And Then There Were Two

At first there were majors, five
It is not to be denied
They provided services
Expected of financial houses.

They were good at moving funds here and there
No problems, as they dealt with care
For when the pipeline of funds became
Depleted, they were restored, pledging their own good name.

But losses became a burden
Because of issues they could not turn
And one of the five got caught out
While the others went about.

Collapse was eminent
Until a rescue was sent
Covered by a generous offer.
And another house added it to its coffer.

Then there were four
All active for sure
Pledging their wealth
Through fact and stealth.

Until one of the oldest
And noblest
Found that the others
Were not true brothers.

They were acting as a troika
Each sought to undermine the other
And while appearing to be assistance
Were scheming in malfeasance.

Then there were three!
As the market adjusted to see
Who would be the next victim
Of their planned mayhem.
(The maliciously injuring or maiming someone so as to render the victim defenseless.)

Triage was to be expected
One would survive with no help directed,
Another would perhaps require a bit of assistance
To ensure the company's existence.

Alas, the other as a medical team would decide
Had no place to hide
Being bought in the dark of day
And like others passed away.

Then there are two
And higher authorities wonder what to do.
For if either should fail
The markets would surely descent into hell.

So it must be
Since there are no longer three
That two must survive
For the markets to remain alive.

Who are these two that are the chosen ones?
Politics plays a major role it seems.
And who will pay for this selecting?
Will brothers in the cloth put in a bit of skin?

Stay tuned!

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Greed is a two headed snake. Great piece of cutting wit and truth, written behind able verses. Reminds me of a man who 'mad-off' with a lot of his clients' money. Excellent style, you got class.