And Then There Were Two

there was one
and there was one
and then there were two
and after a while there were two and one.
some time later there were one and two.
later, one and one and one.
one wonders what happened to one.

by rachael richmond

Comments (2)

I enjoyed this one. And I thought of a response - not a complete poem like yours though. There were two, then one and another one making three but all one.
I like the way this adds wonders indeed. Ahhh...I like the way you say it without saying it and still manage to say it so well. It's pretty little pattern stays in the mind like frost on a window pane. It's such a clever construction to make us look again and think more clearly about what is being said. It's like a code made of binary numbers that scans the information into the mind in a thought provoking way. I loved it and was saddened by what it said at the same time. with much love Donall