The Meaning Of Easter (Christmas)

I was heading down the road of destruction,
I mean the path was so clear, there was no obstruction
But on that faithful day,
Jesus stepped in the way
and for this me say: YAY!

Now Jesus, he ain't just any speed bump,
The wall; him so big, me nah even try jump!
Lived, died and rose-His Father's will he chose.

My friend, now salvation he gives
Repent my and accept it!
Save you and me from the fiery pit
On himself he lovingly took it
Down in hell he took the key
Doing it all for me!
And now I choose him, and I'm no longer heading to destruction
For with the life he lived, he laid down some construction

The man had no shame
Yet on cavalry, he took my blame
Now me just call his name
And like Clorox
He washes away my stains!
So now I'm no longer heading down the road of destruction

My God so good
In his word, I got my food:
His son he gave,
So that I can be saved
Plus, The Holy Spirit:
Holding my hands
Leading me away from the fiery pit
So now,
I'm no longer heading down the road of destruction
I just believe and Jesus became my obstruction!

by Leslie Alexis

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