And Then You Judge My Soul

I was doing just fine here on my own
and then you just had to phone
Don't ask me what I am doing
and then criticise what I'm pursuing

by Tia Maria Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Some are so quick to judge. Wear a mental raincoat around those and like the rain, let it wash right off without touching you. :) Thank you for sharing. You have a way with making the mundane beautiful with your depictions of life.
A very nice poem. 10+ Love it.
Hi Tia. That damn phone always rings when you can do without it. well written Regards Dave T
Very good piece. Live in your soul to enjoy your time.Body is full of greed and lust.body is destined to dust while soul is eternity.
this packs a nice punch, and still remains makes me think 'you tell em! '...great work
This is a sad one... Tia.. Andy (live your own life don't let others tell you what to do)