And There Is God

Life gives me promises
That I hope it’ll fulfill
But my wishes are always too big
My expectations are never reachable
And I feel out of touch with this world
Sometimes its hard to imagine me anywhere
…Anywhere else but here in the vastness of it

But God gives me reality
In my moments of silence
And He tells me that I must work hard
If I want to get to the top
Yes, that is what He tells me
Though sometimes I take His words
As words from myself

He also says to me sometimes,
“Walk outside and see the world for yourself”
I get nervous, and act as though I’ve never been
But I’ve been in the winter cold a thousand times
And in the summer sun, and in the foggy rain
It shouldn’t cause me any pain
To step out of my house once again

Yes God is forever pushing me to a greater goal
And though it feels new,
It’s never anything that I cannot get through
I feel anticipation to walk forward
But then again there is a part of me that holds me behind
It tells me to wait,
It tells me the goal ahead is too great

But I know, I know that nothing is too great
Not for God to handle
And when I entrust myself to Him…to watch my back as I go
I sense that I am invincible
Whenever I worry He tells me somehow “It will be okay”
And I stop looking back to make sure that God is there
I start living without fear

The promises never disappear
Life continues to dangle them in front of my eyes
And temporarily I believe the promises will come true
Despite their beauty, I gladly turn away from them
To look to a more steadfast figure
And there is God
The one forever handling me with care, the one who's always there

by Rabi Anata

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