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And There, On A Place Called Calvary
TÓC (22-12-1976 / Beal Atha na Slua, Chontae an Gaillimh, Eire)

And There, On A Place Called Calvary

Poem By Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

And there, on a place called calvary, hung the son of God,
For all mankinds salvation, to absove us of our sin,
Should we desire to the Lord ourselves to reconcile,
He would not be found wanting: Heavens Gates us through to bring in.

There are those who watch the world today and ask was it in vain,
To suffer so for mankind, who for the sacrifice does not care
And carry on sinning oblivios to Gods love and grace
There may as well just have been a sheep crucified there.

But God is great, and God is Good, and God alone can see
Those on earth who are good and through this world toil
They are invisible in this world, only seen by He who sees all
And in their time they’ll till and tend Heavens own holy soil

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