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And There You Go Slipping Away...
RJ (25-11-1983 / srikakulam)

And There You Go Slipping Away...

Poem By rakesh jaddu

I try to hold on to you so tight,
But you always end up victorious in the fight.
I try to hold you close,
And never let you go away
But you never fail to leave me dismay.

And as the veil of age makes me slower by the day,
You never miss your excuse for slipping away,
I wait for you to wait for me,
End my eternal tryst with misery.
Misery that you never waited for me,
Even when I needed you, to shape my destiny.

Oh time, when will you learn to wait?
You could just do enough to change my tottering fate!

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Comments (4)

There is a saying 'A slip between the cup and the lip.' This poem sounds like that. This is part of life, we all have experienced.
we each choose our own paths which in-turn effect our destiny.. as for fate cant really be explained.... all in all good write :) Soul
I think your personification of Time as a woman is a powerful symbol. I would love to see you free yourself of the shackles of rhyme. It can be effective some of the time, but the compulsion to rhyme binds most modern poets (I feel) .
so we cant have a rel bec I cant act so typical for a woman