And They Lived Happily Ever After...

and they lived happily ever after,
in what mother fuckin' world?
i don't hear any cheerful laughter
i don't hear any nice chatter
where's the family and where's the kids?
where's the wedding cake batter?
where's all of the colorful lids
to all of these jars of supposed happiness?
is this the real word or is this make beleive?
i don't see any happy families
all i see are fathers that turn their backs and leave.
i need these lids to close the jars
because my happiness is running out
we don't got no money, we ain't got any cars
how are we the people supposed to live our lives?
if we don't have nothing but
gun fights and people that stab with kitchen knives?
sure you got the republicans down on RICH avenue
look at these people with nothin, livin on cockroach street
wishin' they'd find their lids, maybe nothin old but new.
they're just shoved in a corner, not gettin' any attention
because you got the rich people makin benefits to themselves
buyin' everything nice and new, and i forgot to mention
the poor people workin' in fast food restaurants
that nobody wants to work at, but the job has to be done.
sweatin' their asses off for their family of five,
wishin' someday they wouldn't lose when they should've won.
givin but they don't have nothin to give,
prayin' and prayin' to god
livin, but what life to they have to live?
So let me ask you,
it's all make beleive, isn't it?

by Lauren Meredith Gould

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Oh Lauren, so much pain and anger in this poem. My experience in life has been that life is a big disappointment at best, and those of us that have no money just eek by barely surviving. Or are we surviving? This is a powerful poem of what is wrong with our society today. You've said very well and so eloquently. Thanx for sharing. Barbara