And They Lived Happily Ever After

Poem By Nick Jankowski

I have you to myself;
We're all alone now
for once
Lets make the most
of what we have
Cell phones off-
theres no disturbing
us here
You look so beautiful
and the little bit of light
puts a glimmer in your eye
My heart is racing
I lean in
and you kiss me,
you kiss me like no one
has ever kissed me
The stereo plays quietly
in the background
like the soundtrack to a movie
Everything's so perfect;
You're so perfect
I never felt this way about
a girl before
Everything's so perfect...
I whisper to you softly
the words 'I love you'
something that I mean
from the bottom of my heart
and have meant to tell you
for a long time
but never had the nerve
And to end this story right
you whisper back
that you love me too
and I know you mean it

Comments about And They Lived Happily Ever After

Well, Nick you expressed every thing inside your heart very clearly, but I believe it is very plain and open. Besides, you are so much affected by TV stuff and modern technology.
i love poems about love, one of the best i have read lately.
Great work, Nick. You really gave a good picture here and strong emotions. Regards, Seán

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