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And They Still Don'T Know Me
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And They Still Don'T Know Me

Poem By King David

I am that weird looking guy,
You know the one that doesn't smile,
The one that sits by the window,
That just stares out at the sky,

I am the dude that sits all alone,
You know the with no friends of his own,
24/7 just by myself,
Cuz I aint even got a friend at home,

I am the guy with long black coat,
You know the one with the messed up Fro,
The one that stares you in your eyes,
Just so you'll tell me hello,

If you don't know yet, I guess you'll never know,
Cuz I'm now about to slit my throat,
Jostle your memory, do u see me,
Oh...alright then...hear I go!

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