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(and) To Do It To Choose
( / Connecticut)

(and) To Do It To Choose

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

What is assumed to be rumored,
And delighted to gossip...
With tea to pour and dirt to whisper,
Doesn't always return shovels to dig...
Out from a hole those who dug misdeeds,
For wishes their apologies to be accepted.
So difficult it is to mend and patch up,
Broken relationships.

Too many who had dignities,
And characters assassinated by others deceived...
Can't be expected to be so willingly forgiving.
Especially in times like these,
When the ease to pick and make fools to do it...
Through rumors to gossip with assumptions made,
Has replaced facts to seek before a truth is reached.

(And) ...
To do it to choose to ignore and refuse prior activities,
Without facing the embarrassment...
Of losing one's own credibility lost to never get back,
Is difficult to mend and patch to leave no sign of a wound.
That's what gossip to rumor based on assumption does,
To anyone jumping the gun and pulling the trigger.
Then to believe apologies made should be received,
With forgiveness expected to be delivered.

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