And Two Become One

And Two Become One

' one stands lonely ' in the world
going through life's ups and downs
firmly the roots are grounded
as the person knows they are a minority of one

and then the magic happens
when eyes meet a welcome look
attachments seem like sparkling fire
the blaze a raging melt
as the two become one

a vow toward each other
binds the two with love
a ring for the two symbolizing a bond
years of sweet togetherness, and work
build a marriage
life lived and love grew in magnitude
strength in numbers for better or worse
through sickness and health

the day arrives an angel comes to carry you away
one that was a couple now stands weakly once again
still standing in the vow and memory
when the number one became two
will that vow stand as the two become one?

by Myrtle Thomas

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So sadly reverent...beautiful in the blessing of love everlasting...even in separation. PEACE