DD (February 28,1980 / Philippines)

And When

You have to defend your good faith
And have to struck a brave act, of
Break up. That's when stewed blood
Chilled my wicked mouth. Frozen-
My chin felt like sliced by shame in half
Guilt thawed my judgment- The wrong one.
After my mind collided- Glanced
At your language, words vindicated
I never heard you ever articulated
I know I hurt you beyond the ladder of laughter.
And when reality broke apart my bogus fear
My pain asked a touch of your sympathy
Tender affection. But, you're imperceptible.
My hands were mortified, deafly lamented
Why you are standing outside our doorstep.
And when dire moment to ask for forgiveness
Set ashore, life drifted you 4000 miles up north.
My heart thundered, can't help but cry out
Loud. Rushed into violent epileptic confusion.
Terror stormed, left me scared to feel alone.
My ears said 'my plea is such a disturbance'
Its flesh furrowed my prayers like useless hollow.
My eyes grieving, shun me from speaking
About its stained, disgraced feeling.
And when everything in me is sorry
It is truly sorry. Once again, I fell victim
To the same mistake, to the same regret.
Left feeling unloved- offense unforgiven.

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