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And Why Not For M 'Lady Tara
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

And Why Not For M 'Lady Tara

On the outskirts of the city
There’s a place that’s very pretty.
A semi rural paradise
for those who can afford the price.
A small elite community
where the norm’s eccentricity.
If you should choose to garden nude
your neighbours would not think you rude.
The watchword here is tolerance
It would not rate a second glance
From neighbours who were passing by.
Although some might wonder why.
You choose to garden in the nude
because you want to they conclude.


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Comments (2)

In Texas you won't garden nude, the fireants are a nasty brood *10*! ! They would make a snack out of your skin, leaving acid burns, deep within! A swell read Ivor! ! Best wishes! ! Friend Thad
Nice poem, Ivor... I can picture you both in MY garden along with the 10 billion ants... Ouch... Colin J...