BB (03/02/93 / Surrey, England)

And Yet

It came suddenly
Like a bullet rushing through her ribcage
Ricocheting and ripping
Like ice cold rain on her bare skin
Dripping and chilling

She welcomed it,
She welcomed you

You've settled yourself in the deepest corners of her mind
Creeped in, into the darkest parts of her soul
And she won't be pulled back
back to the distant reality

You stitched her life right into yours
Interlinked, intertwined and yet...
And yet

She is captivated by every thought and every word
seeps into her brain and warms her from inside
She is calm...she is captivated
Just by the idea of you

That idea, manifested into every second of her day
Every day of her week
Every other conversation bores her right through to her bones
Nothing compares, it has to be you

And yet,
And yet

Is there doubt? in there somewhere...
As your name loops round obsessively
Over and over, driving her insane
Could you just be pure imagination?
Could she have possibly invented someone so real
So complete?

Your face is embedded in her brain
She sees you everywhere, you're everyone
And the only word in her vocabulary is your name
Your name, she whispers it out into the air

It seems ridiculous, I know
I see it, even if she does not
Such little time has passed
And yet...

Her love for you seemed to be born
Ready and fully formed
Flowing through her veins
Kick starting her heart,
As I watch
From afar

You cast your spell
Over her
You weave your way
Into the fabric of her life
And as I see,
Disaster follows

She talks about you now,
Non stop
And I know I must listen,
Appear patient
Appear positive
'Could this be it? ' She says
Maybe she will never search again...
Could she have possibly stumbled across a situation so real
So right
So complete?

I can see she's blinded
To his ways of trickery
Lies and deceit
She brought this on herself, I know

And yet...
I will be here
Picking up the pieces
Just like
The times before

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