And You Are Not Here

And You Are Not There
I’m holding back the tears with all my might
My breathing is shallow like something isn’t right
My heart is feeling pressure of something too tight
And you are not here
My skin feels clammy and looks chalky white
The blood in my veins stands still without a fight
Words I held back have quietly taken flight
And you cannot hear
Every emotion drains out of every pore
Weakness wins over despair without keeping score
Reluctantly I sweep desire’s ashes under the floor
And you somehow disappear
And all my vulnerabilities are ready to unfold
Every excuse in the world has been told
And every piece of my broken heart is cold
And you are not near
If love was all there was to life I’d be a winner
I’d be seen as a saint and not a sinner
You’d be a savior of an angel, not a web spinner
But you are not here

by Alfred Ramos

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