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And You Didn'T...
GP (10/15/75 / Manila, Philippines)

And You Didn'T...

You didn't call.
You didn't write.
You didn't bring me cheer,
ln the sadness of the night.

You didn't come.
You didn't share,
A smile to greet me.
Perhaps, you didn't care.

l've longed to see you,
For quite a long time.
l've written you poems,
But now l'm runnin' out of rhyme.

Didn't you miss me?
Didn't you dare?
Remember all the memories,
That we used to share?

Would you rather not see me
Or leave me in plea?
That you'll be here someday,
To stay close to me.

Maybe l'm wrong,
Or maybe l'm right.
But l hope to be with you,
And soon you just might.

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