And You Know That

Poem By Brandon Chiles

This world is crumbling as you can see,
your going to fail in your destiny,
Your stare is so cold and hard,
it would pierce my soul and leave me a shard,
you know that your in my head now,
like another predator on the prowl,
so if you don't leave me to myself,
you better pack your bags and get out of this house.

And you know that, this is the end of time.
And you know that, I always wanted you to be mine,
And you know that, you left me bleeding alone,
And you know that, the river Styx will be my new home,

Because you left me alone and you left me die,
why must we always quarrel why looking towards the sky?
You think it will save you from pain?
Your only fooling yourself, I'd say that your derranged.
But it doesn't as I'll hold you close,
I'm not going to make another ghost.
I want you to be there beside,
to blindly love me and never leave,

And you know that, I'll love until my death,
And you know that, your always at the end of every breath,
And you know that, this bleeding heart is for you,
And you know that, I'll always be true...

Comments about And You Know That

it's so sweet, i loved it.... very beautifully written..~hazel

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