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And You Made It A Song
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

And You Made It A Song

You took my sorrow
And You made that my strength
You gave me a purpose and told me to go
You spoke to me and gave me my faith
You took my depression
And made it an expression
Of Your love for me
Opened my eyes so I could finally see
The truth of the message I rejected
The very reason I was dejected
The reason I was dead acting alive
So I gave it all and You made it a song
Made my burden and suffering
Into the hope You planned for me to share all along
Made the suicidal thoughts, the subject of this song I sing
So sing it loud!
Sing about the faith that has made me proud
So now I've found my first love
The one and only, the one I looked for all along, the Dove
You saved me even when I slandered you
Told You the worst thing too
Not 'I hate you' but worse, far worse 'You don't exist
And aren't worth my hatred' this view seemed as if it would always persist
But You loved me and called me Your own
I don't know how to thank You
So I'll sing it out and share the hope of all my suffering
All my sorrow, sing of being there, but because of You, being back again
I can't thank you enough, but I'll sing
Sing it out and scream I WAS suicidal and
Not I AM, for now I am filled with your Spirit, protected by your hand
For once
Once in my life
I feel

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Wow. This is absolutly beautiful. I'm glad I got to read it.