(23 June 1889 – 5 March 1966 / Odessa)

Just A Liking!

Social networking sites heat up
frustrated crowd entering the market
blog, facebook, twitter
google+, pinterest, tumblr
unlimited avenues for publicity
merry-go outlets for frustration...
conquest for imaginary kingdom continues
mad scramble to attract followers
fatigue evaporates...
friendship is so cheap
web friendship needs to be defined
I need not see you
I need not know you
I need not talk to you
but I understand you
through your words and pictures
I like your mind
for a moment
and that's only you want
everybody wants just a liking!
to shine in their respective fields
Reciprocal liking...
the crux of webfriendship.

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A great tribute paid to Russian people who suffered during revolution like the poetess and were dead leaving her behind to mourn their departure. A great poem from equally great poetess.
A beautiful poem from a great poetess of Russia. In memory of those who are gone. Touching poem indeed.
Being a victim of Stalin's harsh authoritarianism Anna Akhmatova, the great Russian poetess had to suffer a lot.for the sake of poetry. The poem 'And you, my friends who have been called away' is her emotional response to her comrades who were diverted from the Acmeism movement
Not as a frozen willow over your memory, But to cry to the world the names of those who sleep. Leningrad, living and the dead. fame cannot.. a very fine poem. tony
'fame can't tell them apart' Such a sad sense over a sad time in Russia.
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