And You Shall Have A Song In The Night

"He, as a man, was sent to heal his own,"
And, as a man, throughout the land was known.
"Sent to bind the broken hearted, and set the captives free,"
To all of life, as a man, He has held the key.
He, as a man, with good news sent to tell
"All the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
"Anointed with the oil of gladness," and by the Father blessed,
Both as Son, and as man, "more than all the rest."
He, as a man, came in obedience,
And cried aloud to all men, "Come...repent!"
The kingdom is closer than you know; the Father's waiting to bestow,
From time's beginning, love that grows and grows.
He, as a man, on the Father set his eyes,
And moved them not away to earthly ties.
His Father had a timeless plan. Don't stay his hand...not any man.
And so his eyes have come to see his destiny...Gethsemane.
The meaning of the first man in the garden,
The one who failed, the Father could not pardon.
But, in the garden of Gethsemane, man said, "It's not my will,"
I hear you, Father; I will climb that hill.
And so, man in the garden reigns supreme,
With living water flowing out in streams.
God gave to us the victory, it is yours to enforce,
"Occupy, till I come!" stand firm and stay on course.
He, as a man, came unto his own,
And of his life, O see! what has been sown.
Forever, he has blessed your sons, with meaning for his chosen ones
Eternal promise...there is only One,
"I come now, Father, all the work is done."

by Marya Loomis Hamre

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