And You Were There

When I was just , oh, but a thought,
You led me there to Earth.
And when I was just, so confused,
You showed me where to birth.

Born to man I grew up straight,
Floundering like all of the rest,
and you were there, and put me right
You've always known what's best.

I've seen you out of the corner,
Of an eye set to a task.
But when I looked more closely,
You'd left, before I could ask;

"Oh Lord, why all of this interest
in a nothing such as we,
and why give such compassion
to a sinner such as me?"

"Why is all mankind your choice,
To show your righteous way?"
And you were there when I moved on,
and turned my night to day.

by J. Stephen Keller

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J. Keller Love your work! !