And You Will Never Love Me Back

Now that I've heard your reasons
Now that I know your curse
Now that I see your heart
It's so cold and hard like stone
I know that this will be
One of those friendships
Where all through our teenage years
I will stand by loving you
With all my heart
Being your best friend
And always supporting your wish
Never to be more
Always watching you
When you aren't looking
And wondering what it would be like
To be curled up in those arms
I will always love you
Even if you don't love me
I will carry all these lovers
Heavy on my heart
I will carry all these I have loved
Heavy in my mind
I will never forget
Always I will remember
All the ones I have loved...
Because I will never stop loving.
Your heart may be cold
And you cannot let anymore come in...
Mine will stay forever open
I cannot keep it closed
I stack the door high with heavy things
And still you walk through
I try to keep myself from loving you
And still you hurt me
You were right when you said
That I must feel like shit
Because I do but...
I don't want you to worry
And feel bad because...
I will always stand here
By your side
As your best friend
Forever loving you...
And you will never love me back

by Can I Live?

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i can relate. great job. i love this poem. im adding it to my favorites. great job.