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(((...And Your Ego Is Your Master)))

It was a dichtomy of forces---
That shattered our 'ship'...
An ego enlarged and self-centered...
That stung like a lash from a whip! ;

It was a 'dis' of all 'dis's'...
A correction of my: Faux Pas? '
Where the words of your disgruntled...
Were exposed to view without flaw! ;

It shattered our communication for good---
As you knit-picked away...
Ill humor spewed from your keys you see-correcting me--
In all the words you'd say! ;

You dropped me like a 'Bad Habit'...yes you did...
Even though it was you i extoled! ! !
Praising you-in all that you' do--
Alas, your huge Ego just called! ;

You noted i had been absent a while...
And so my name or face was of no further use---!
With friends like this...! ! !
Who needs the abuse? ;

I fell flat on my face with broken heart...!
The hurt just pierced my being...!
The proof of what is really inside of you...
Are your actions that we are now seeing! ;

A write about the total end of friendship.
June 3,2010

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