In Death's Embrace

It's dark as well as light
As tears fall tonight
Spreading all over Earth
Eternal silence...dark's girth...

I can't see much further
My words are just blether
As my soul hangs in abyss
My existence is amiss...

Stars begin to glisten
I try in vain to listen
Twinkling as they chortle
I'm just a simple mortal...

And under the moon's grace
I crawl in Death's embrace
My heart slowly aches
Erase all my mistakes...

by Tork Souad Diana

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How kind will history be to this administration? Or.......will it?
A good write, Hubert. Ron
I just wanted to say 'PREACH ON' great poem.
Hubert Please tell me more this is is just brilliant.I love history American French and English you name it I love it as I have found your poem.Cheers Sylvie
This says so much in just a few lines. Thank you for compressed comparative content. Cheers Chris