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Andrew Jackson And George W
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Andrew Jackson And George W

Poem By Hubert Wilson

Andrew Jackson, known as Old Hickory.
George W, known as Old Trickery?
Andrew Jackson, the Hero of New Orleans battle.
George W, the Zero of New Orleans death rattle?
Andrew Jackson, the savior of not just the Garden District and French Quarter.
George W, the Black Lower Ninth Ward was no supporter?
Andrew Jackson, fought off foreign invaders.
George W, sold out to Halliburton no bid contract traders?
Andrew Jackson, no enemy forces New Orleans reached.
George W, allowed the levees to be breached?
Andrew Jackson defeated British forces of General Pakenham.
George W, just wasted FEMA under Michael Brown, the Damned?
Andrew Jackson, had many free Black soldiers deployed.
George W, just let Black people be destroyed?
Andrew Jackson, away the enemy chased.
George W, caused many thousands to be displaced?
Andrew Jackson, fought the the last battle of his war.
George W, in Iraq only wants others to endure more gore?
Andrew Jackson, in New Orleans has a statue on horseback.
George W, just youthful memories of New Orleans while on crack?
Andrew Jackson, had guts.
George W, only wants more tax cuts?
Andrew Jackson, immortalized by Johnny Horton.
George W, his legacy will be greatly shortened?
Andrew Jackson, had little with which to fight.
George W, had so much with which to do so little right?

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Comments (5)

How kind will history be to this administration? Or.......will it?
A good write, Hubert. Ron
I just wanted to say 'PREACH ON' great poem.
Hubert Please tell me more this is is just brilliant.I love history American French and English you name it I love it as I have found your poem.Cheers Sylvie
This says so much in just a few lines. Thank you for compressed comparative content. Cheers Chris