Alone Forever

I sit all alone
in my room I shall cry
writng and weeping all the day

At night I shall flee
leave this town for good
now you are gone
no reason for living

nowon will kill me
I would kill myself
but it would seem Murder

Alone by myself
your spirit still known
Forever shall I cry

I sit in my room
and cry all the day
I shall flee tonight

you promised to come for me
but never returned
we found you in the feild

I shall flee tonight
for our love still remains
I will never forget you

alone forever
Shall I cry all the day
and walk all the night

by Alice Lion

Comments (2)

Gerard Manley Hopkins using subtle crystal clear images and words weaves a picture of the maiden overwrought with grief. There is an inner strain of sadness and tragedy that rises to the surface and is revealed in a very poignant way in the poem.
This is one of my 10 fav poems of all time. He did it right. Right on, GMH!