A Life Gone

Empty boxes
subtle nuances
always remind me
of you.

The way we were
our life for sure
was something I
never knew.

I've loved and lost
counted the cost
never realizing
it was you,

who also needed me too.

by Miss Poetess

Comments (21)

I am writing an oral on this, what is the purpose of the poem?
Andy for sure, is being missed a lot. This poem is lovely
Andy's Gone With Cattle, i like this poem and the queensland theme is just perfect
I love it. I can't really explain what but there is something very dear and precious about Andy himself. it's almost like that feeling you get after reading a book and you're in love with a character. This felt like that.
wow! this is very nice description of queensland. i've been to brisbane on month of june it's lovely and people are very nice. i love that meat pie. no women in pubs.
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