WB (1948 / TX)


A nameless one, who toiled alone,
And waited for the telephone
To ring, grew restless on a day
When winds blew all his dreams away

In gusts of news. No raindrops fell;
Nor did he cry, 'Farewell, farewell! ',
While drifting to the farther shore.
He hoped for nothing, nothing more.

When his boat beached on the strand,
Kindly natives lent a hand;
They carried him to hospital,
Where he exclaimed, 'Fare well! fare well! '

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excellently laid out piece
A poem of the naked kind. Silence, please.... A free spirit is talking.
nice one, of high creative acumen
Even more interesting . Greenwolfe 1962
My dear, hope dies hard, especially with love of friend and family... more so in the unexpected kindness of strangers. I hope that you know how well YOU are loved! This poem means alot to me. A Forever Favorite. Thank you... Your decades-to-be old friend, Esther : ]
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