Genetic Racism

A lightning bolt thought
caused in his mind prism
a shift... a May schism..
He was to work against
geneaological and
genetic racism.

by Saiom Shriver

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Very imaginative and thought provoking....nice write
This reminds me of the two slit experiment in physics where, by placing detectors on the slits, by monitoring reality of incoming photons, they change their behavior. We think we are objectively observing the Universe, but our technology changes the circumstances of the experiment. The technology of the jar changes not only how we perceive nature, but also nature itself. This experiment was well known in Steven's time.
Perhaps my favorite poet. But this poem lacks the music, the words, the beauty of poetry. To me, it is not a Zen story; and I don't get the joke. If it's a contrast between human creation and the natural world, it lacks the beauty and complexity of both. I've always found this poem disappointing. Others may know better.
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Hi Zach. How ya doin?
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