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In Search Of Freedom
Dorothy Parker (22 August 1893 - 7 June 1967 / Long Branch / New Jersey)

In Search Of Freedom

In search of freedom; how strange,
waves are running away from oceans
and rays are running away from light...
I wonder,
can they ever sever from their founts?

Fastened are lives, likewise
one and all in this universe
to the unraveled hidden source.

Yet humans run in nescience
towards illusory independence.

Stop your sprint
dear straying mortals...
start searching your inner alcoves.

Not really fathoms deep to grope...
well nigh the ultimate free rein
in the wellspring; The Mighty Divine!

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There's a poem expressing a similar feeling. A famous Chinese poet named Su Dong Po (also named Su Shi) wrote it in 1095. Here it is (I translate it into English; If you can read Chinese, make sure you read the Chinese version cause it's way much better^_^) : A Butterfly in Love with a Flower It is the time of the year When red petals drift away While apricots are still small and not sweet Most willow catkins have been blown away Yet everywhere the green grass can be seen Quietly a stream flows through the village And a pair of swallows forms a lovely scene Outside a wall of a house A man walks by Inside the wall A fair lady can be heard laughing on a swing The girl laughs The man listens Till the laughter inside the wall finally fades away The man utters a sigh The poet remarks Love irritates and the enchanted people can only sigh