TTO ( / Washington State)

In the reading room

You scan the stream, silver-eyed as a heron
searching the surface for what might betray
a halt in the flow, pentameter's delay,
a master's faded words, his lexicon.

Before you, found in an old book
marking a page, a longhand manuscript.
Look, where the knib unloaded ink and dipped
and rose again, leaving a blot on the downstroke,

writing by candlelight in another century,
wind in the chimney, maybe, the pen's small sound.
You write: ‘Anonymous. Date a mystery.
Some words illegible. No signature found.'

Yet the poem sings in your mind from the silent archive
and all the dead words speak, aloud, alive.

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Comments (6)

Thank you dear Meggie. Don't write much anymore as have been very ill. Love you, Theo
gentle flow..lovely flow..oh, what a romantic piece you have. So glad, you've posted here again, Theo. I miss you here.. Hugs, Meggie
Thank you Angelic, Frank and Catrina. Your words are very much appreciated. Theo
WOW! ! ! Its so great Meggie introduced me to your works...I love your poetry superb in quality......................10+++++++++
A tastefully sensual sojourn eau l'amour, young lady....Flows like a river being chased by a wee lilt of breeze....SoLid Crafting, Theo. FjR
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