I squint through the keyhole,
Push open the door,
Pearly white feathers lie strewn on the floor.
From pigeons these feathers could well have been hacked,
But blood streams in rivers from a dark angel's back.
Who would have committed this hideous crime?
Pulled the wings off an angel and hurled her through time?
The knife in her grasp silently answers for me,
There's a reason she sits there, all naked and gory.
To be human's her wish,
Just one sacrifice.
Will grant her desire,
Her wings will suffice.
Her hair is all matted and her hand shakes with pain,
But her eyes show no loss,
Only sparkle with gain.
She's amazed at the knowledge that she's human at last,
Time to move on and invent a new past.
Her bright smile falters,
Her eyes show new fear.
No longer immortal,
Her blood debt's too dear.
I back through the feathers still scattered on the floor,
Take the key from the keyhole and pull shut the door.

by EMMA Funnell

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Comments (5)

This one is incredible.
Excellent work Emma, great flow to this poem. Andrew '10'
My god Emma, your poems are amazing! Honestly I can't believe it, your poems move me to tears, I didn't realize you had such a talent, i'd love to write like you, although you do inspire me to start (or try *cringe*) . Please keep it up, I want to read more! Me :)
another great and lovely one.. really you have a warm feelings, which that can`t see it in any one.. your writtings go out from your heart.. and i wish you more and more.. yours hazem
oh im likin this 1 emz. these are a lot better than all your other 1s you did a few yrs bak (no offence lol) . anyways hope you think the same bout mine: -D lol xx