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We flew in over Eden once;
Your wings graceful and true,
There was no limit to our Ascent,
But I had found an Angel in you...

...but Eden is not Forever,
And every bright sky will eventually have shadowy clouds;
All good things come to an End,
But, Angel why’d it have to be you?

Our flight is only a dream, now;
The Ascent is just a soothing tune,
So many things got locked in that box,
And my Angel thought so too.

It is clear to me now,
With no dreams or crippled hopes clutching my Soul;
That you are the most Beautiful creature I have ever known.
Other angels hold no claim,

And even if you always fly away from me,
Your wings spread high in an unseeable distance,
I cannot ever stop adoring you,
Angel, it has to be you.

So fly Free and continue your Ascent,
For it is what you are meant to do.
But please, Angel don’t you ever forget,
That I will always love you.

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