When I rampantly sprinted on the profusely snow laden hills; I was perilously followed by monstrous avalanches of ominously freezing and coldblooded; ice,

When I merrily philandered through the mystically dense forests; I was diabolically followed by the roar of the satanically treacherous and ravenously furry; lion,

When I handsomely sailed in rhapsodic mists of fathomless sky; I was romantically followed by thunderbolts of poignantly crimson and majestic; clouds,

When I painstakingly crawled through the heart of the acrimoniously boiling desert; I was truculently followed by whirlwinds of vindictively gusty and brazenly burying; dust,

When I exuberantly swam through ravishingly undulating waves of the colossally choppy ocean; I was stealthily followed by a festoon of preposterously eccentric
and menacing; white sharks,

When I languidly trespassed through the mesmerizing meadows at the onset of transient dusk; I was enigmatically followed by my stupendously lanky and inscrutable; shadow,

When I valiantly kissed the soil of my revered motherland; I was patriotically followed by a wave of dynamically unflinching and philanthropic; righteousness,

When I uninhibitedly wandered through the corridors of tantalizing paradise; I was magnificently followed by the aroma of vibrantly unending and blissful; seduction,

When I ruthlessly trampled my feet in the despicable pig's den; I was intransigently followed by abominably dilapidated and worthlessly threadbare; stink,

When I harmoniously clambered up the resplendently moonlit tree; I was enchantingly followed by the sound of the melodiously marvelous and enthralling;

When I bounced like an untamed prince in the sacrosanct lap of my mother; I was invincibly followed by the irrefutably honest and everlasting; spirit of immaculate innocence,

When I ebulliently rolled through the nectar coated garden of scarlet roses; I was grandiloquently followed by royally unconquerable and poignantly effusive; golden scent,

When I embodied boundless lines of benign poetry on barren soil; I was Omnisciently followed by the blessings of the unassailably Omnipotent and supreme;
Almighty Lord,

When I gloriously flirted with the astoundingly iridescent rainbows in fathomless sky; I was mischievously followed by innocuously heavenly and jubilantly fresh; childhood,

When I inadvertently stumbled upon pools of ghastily remorseful blood; I was lecherously followed by salaciously horrific and abhorrent; retribution,

When I insidiously loitered through morbidly obsolete boundaries of extinguishing oblivion; I was brutally followed by corpses of devastatingly dithering and maliciously bizarre; stagnation,

When I greedily embarked on my expedition with vandalizing hoodlums; I was unforgivingly followed by savage daggerheads of vengefully cruel and
indiscriminately heartless; no respite,

When I intrepidly marched on the path of perpetual humanity; I was celestially followed by the unequivocally glittering and priceless rays; of eternal mankind,

And when I synergistically inhaled air in my lungs to passionately lead life; and even infinite centuries after my veritable death; I was immortally followed by her voluptuously bestowing and wonderfully divine; love.

by Nikhil Parekh

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