JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)


In these lost pages of this book,
there is a long story never told,
that of pain and suffering,
and much more left to behold.

No matter how hard you try to see,
all the pages remain blank,
except in her light colored eyes,
where letters so gone come to life.

Telling the story of a dumb boy,
who was always alone and in doubt,
swept off his feet by a princess
in a ever so long turquoise gown.

He fell for her like an apple from a tree,
never telling her a single word,
he sat there and waited for it to be,
as fall, winter and spring came to be.

Always hopeful she kept him,
And even as he was pulled to death
In her eyes the light gleamed
as she was a friend the best she could be.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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