Little hands and little feet.
Soft little body and silky hair.
Saucer sized blue eyes.
Perfect little pout.

by beth allinson Click to read full poem

Comments (21)

its a good poem it obviously has meaning to you ^_^ i like it
good work i like it take care and keep on working
Sweet poem... But I think you should continue it... ^-^
this is my favourite of your poems. its such a delight to read. am adding this to my favourites lists. good work.10+
A sweet little love poem I think you should go all out and make it longer though!
nice angel is beautiful white... wise... honest... keep on your great work!
wow! nice one! nice piece with full of imagery! two thumbs up!
Beautiful description of a parent's love for their child. Good write.
its great...and you managed to describe all that with such little words.... WRITE ON
penning this 'angel in disguise' to perfection, , , , , , , , bravo
How very sweetly done and filled with so much love with so few words...
This is a very good poem. good concept and wording great job!
this is beautiful well done xx
i love the imagery, could actually visualize the cuteness lol.
Take lots of pictures and then scrapbook them! ! You can include your poems on the pages! Nice work! Hugs, Dee
Ah yes. That's what they all are at that age. One of the true joys of life. A good subject for a short piece like this one. The kind of thing you will treasure later on as well. A memory captured. GW62
Similair to my 'Goodnight Baby Love' Nice to hear from someone so near to me.My husband worked in Norwich for nine months in the late seventies.
very nice! great discription!
nice poem and nice description of a angel...
this is rather good beth. i like them short myself!