Angel Eyes

He had an eye's of an angel
Have you ever seen purity in someone's eyes?
It took me through a new path to beauty that has been playing on my mind
My heart paused for a few second's, it grabbed me reeling me closer
We shared that intimacy that only lovers share
He made me feel like I was the only woman in the room
I was his only attention
Time stood still, surroundings faded
I got pulled into a portal, taking me to another life
I was memorized by the spark in his eyes
Trapped in a trance with just one glance
A doorway to innocence, with love and passion reflected in his eyes
Waiting to be embraced and loved

I felt calm in his presence, educated by his words
My pulse raced, my heart smiled and my soul was happy
I rested assured in his protection

His arms were like there were built for hard labour, stripped with vein's and strength
Body of an undefeated warrior and envied by men
His touch was as if his skin were made of velvet
Cut from the finest cloth, sewn by the finest craftsmen
A beauty in any woman's eyes and a true gentleman
Bathed in the river of tranquillity and drank from the fountain of youth
He stood as if he carried pride on his back
His head held high as if he longed for a place in the sky
He walked as if he was grateful to have breath, with love in every step
One of a kind, like finding rubies in a field
The man with angel eyes

by Rachel Aurelien

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