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Angel From Hell

My Angel
My Sanctuary
My Home
My Friend
My Blood
My Brother

With his gleaming black hair
Mischievous dark eyes
And dangerous smirk of a smile
So much like me
But yet,
So different

His eyes a little wiser with experience
His laugh an echo of what it once was
His smile just a little darker than my memories would allow me to remember
His face a delicately crafted mask
Fixed flawlessly into place
Concealing his inner battles.

For time had separated us
Making us drift away like Autumn leaves from a single tree
I no longer knew his deepest secrets
And he no longer knew mine
His thoughts were a fast flowing river
But I was already lost at sea

‘Always and Forever’ We had promised
When we were young
When our souls were pure
When we knew nothing but love
When our world was the same Heaven
In sharp comparison to our own versions of Hell.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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