Angel I Call

On a friendly call from different Countries
An Angelical voice On the background
Joao Vitor the son, result of Infinite love of the South friends
Celebrating his art, A party Joan Vitor made
So many were his giggles that his smile in the North the other friend could foresee

Over the phone the two year old little son of long time South friends
Teaching a lesson to the other friend in U.S.A…He was already Sharing …
So happy the little boy Made the North friend wonder and Ask
What is it that He is so loudly celebrating?

He himself grabbed the phone and answered
he had made The most beautiful 'Puppu'
From the entire universe and that alone was his greatest reason,
Happy so happy in loud laughs the north friend sang to him

Her little song that she long knew from childhood
She wanted to teach him because He taught her too
She sang to him…Three times over and over again, the same song
He heard it all…and at the end he said: I know it… You know it? – She asked surprised

His mom grabbed the phone and again his voice on the background
Singing he was, repeating the other friend’s childhood’s song
Joan Vitor a Miracle made by the South friends Making a new friend of his own,
So graciously grown was the little baby into a little boy sharing his own miracle

Happy were the friends, for such a blessing to thank GOD
For sending to their lives one of his greatest blessed Angels.

by Florida Angel

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Karina, this is a very lovely poem of yours and so sweet! hugs Meggie