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Angel In Disquise
TMN (August 18,1989 / Asheville, North Carolina)

Angel In Disquise

Poem By Tamara Michelle Norton

His little angel loved him through it all
she tried and tried to somehow make him fall
His little angel was sent to him from somewhere high up above
sent to teach him all about this thing called love

He soon became restless and left to go
hoping his little angel would never know
walking away from her, dissapearing into the night
She watched him until he was no longer in her sight

He never gave a backward glance
In that moment he gave up his very last chance
refusing to let him be one of the many forsaken
she followed close behind down the same road he had taken

his little angel soon caught up and fell to his side
He stood and watched her as she cried
Overcome with anger and pride he soon continued on his way
Broken hearted she was taken back to that place high up above, the very next day

Caught in an accident way to bad to get through
he lay there dying wondering which way he would go, but his little angel already knew
She gave the heavens back their wings
and wished them well in all new things

His little angel sacrificed an eternity to a life of hate
all because of one mans horrible fate
As he lay there dying
his little angel stood there crying

If he would have only learned of love
they would soon be there in that happy place far up above
But she knew they'd never let him in
so once again the dark side took the win

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