Angel Internet Friend

Poem By Micron

The typed words of an angel appeared on my screen
Sending kindness and love though me shes not seen
Like soothing music played from a harp
Words are sent to me heart to heart
She lives far away on the other side of the earth
I don't trust many often that is true
But my barrier she's broke through
She believes in people and each persons worth
And where you live she may never have been
She cares for you who ever and where ever you've been
When you've given up and surfing the internet at night
She's can appear returning your spirit and fight
She speaks with kindness love and wisdom
And later you realise she's transferred some
When I self destruct and crash I do
Stop she does say to pull me through
I'm not the easiest of people to know
But she's helps me to slowly grow
On times you may wonder sometimes if she's still there
She will reappear as she does love and care
She helps many of which I'm the awkward pest
She's living special angel a precious and the best

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Nicely said Micron, Kindness can go along way

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