Angel, Manifested

Thank you girl, sweet girl, dear girl
For spreading your wings
But remaining grounded
For reaching for the stars
But keeping down-to-Earth
For knowing your boundaries
But aspiring to reach beyond them
For understanding your place in life
But knowing that someday, you will have more
For biding your time
And showing people that there is hope
For exposing your inner darkness
While lighting a candle for others

You are an inspiration
When I began to lose sight
When the world was too heavy
And nothing seemed right
When surrounded by distruction
And helpless depair
You were a reminder
That some people care
Though you're an ocean away
Someone I barely know
Through your beautiful words
You've shown me your soul
And though I be older
And on this earth longer
It's obvious to me
You are perhaps the one stronger
I've had more experiences
I've had more time
But the wisdom in your words
Are nothing but sublime
Yet your modesty prevails
And this is the thing inspires
When this modern day
Is full of arrogant liars
I will remember you
And the way you bare your heart
Hoping this is a lesson
That from me doesn't part
So whenever you think
That you are worth a bit less
Remember there's someone
Who thinks you're the best

by Amanda Saveley

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