Angel (My Best Poem, I Think)

This angel inside me is slowly burning
She's turning evil, not like me at all
It hurts so bad as my life starts turning
No longer can I rise proud, just painfully fall
This evil angel is eating me inside out
While my brain tries to fight for light
As my joyful life forms to doubt
People love me, but it's just blind to me
They care, but I don't believe
I wish this angel would run away so once again I could see
Maybe then I would have no one to deceive
But she's still here and she wont go away
LEAVE! ! DIE! ! GO AWAY! ! I yell
But she's still here to this very day
Why don't she know, I want her to leave, why can't she tell? ! ?
She now shines through almost all the time
But I wish she never would
I don't feel like me, as if I'm on the other side of the line
Would you make her go away if you could?

by That Person

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Comments (2)

I thought it was a great poem, could use some work but great nontheless. :)
Could that be the Dark Angel?