Angel (Not)

Dose everyone think you are an angel
But your really not
Do people dislike you because you smell like smoke
Do peole ask you everyday do you smoke
Do you ever get go tried of people asking you

Do you say things that you didn't mean
Do you get in to fights with your friends and you don't talk for months
Do you ever talk but no one can hear you

Do people think yor are a guy
Because you dress like you and not wear the skimppy crap
Hit harder than most girls
Becaues yor don't take other peoples bull

Do people make fun of you or pick on you
Do you ever get so mad you just want to kill everyone
Do people make up rumors about you that ain't true
Do you evre want to kick there a**

Now people wounder why I am such a B***h to every one

by Stiffy Tiffy

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I love this poem its sooo true. goo one
Nice poem Tiffy Jess