Angel of Better Days to Come

Rockets of blind faith
sputter and crackle dead dreams-
like time bleeding stars.

Through soft painted moans
a man watches his life drown
in waves of glass bones.

Celestial winds
blow chilled screams for love's mercy
down canyons of dread.

Through bright haunted smiles
a woman hums white magic-
sings pain into pearls.

Reflections of self
in multiple dimensions
whirl across the sky.

Machine guns fire knives
that slice the world's bloody tears
like bits of strange fruit.

Throbbing blue rhythms,
a torn heart wrestles naked
with wounds from the past.

Black holes coalesce
into mounds of burned feathers
and crucified trust.

Between death and hell
a bridge shining silver wings
offers his soul hope.

That good gardener,
who wept thorns plowing his fields-
harvests grace with joy.

by Aberjhani

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Celestial winds! ! With the muse of life. Nice work.