(1957 / Savannah, Georgia, United States)

Angel of Christmas Love Shining Bright

Sweet, this elixir
of eternity's passion
commanding my glide.

Soft, this explosion
from alpha to omega
sizzling our names raw.

Here is the timeless
mystery that pays no heed
to death's greedy pride.

Songs of hearts divine,
mortal, angelic, holy,
billow starlit wings.

Here are lips of flame
eager to be extinguished
by love's liquid sigh.

The ancient story
tells itself anew, dressed in
syllables of now.

Hope flexes and soars-
through eyes welcoming newborns
to earth's green legend,

through scarred tongues singing
battlefield fare-thee-wells for
comrades gone to peace.

Addicted to bliss,
dark heaven floods the soul
bright with miracles.

Stars wishing upon
the potential of humans
shine faithfully on.

by Aberjhani

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