Create Me

Cause me grief 'til the tears fall
And all my hope expires,
Tell me lies I need to hear,
Appeasing my heart's desires

Make me wonder, make me doubt
And give me sleepless nights,
Afterward, let your sweet love
Carry me to wondrous heights

Flood my heart with anxious fear -
The fear of losing you,
Then convince me of your love,
As only you can do

Bind my heart with lock and chain,
Then throw away the key,
Ignore me when I complain,
I'm too lonely to be free

Cloud my mind, confuse my heart,
Now forge me in your fire,
Mold and shape me as you will
'Til I'm all that you desire

Then stand back and take a bow,
Your laurels have been won,
You have labored long and fierce
But your masterpiece is done

Here stands the shining castle
Proudly wrought by your hand,
Now watch as this flawed monument
Sinks slowly into the sand!

by Lora Colon

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This is a divine prayer, this nice poem of yours. I love it, yes I do. Thanks for it. erhard