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Angel Of Mine

Angel, Angel of mine
You fought so hard to get here, you even came before it was time.
You have a stromg soul that you can't deny. You were a fighter, you
didn't give in.
You were sent here for a reason, you had to see it through to the end.
You were so great, I knew right then.
God had something special instore for you, I just didn't know when.
He gave me a gift, a perfect little angel, Mommy's precious little man.
God gave you life for only a short time you see.
God needed Mommys little angel back again.
He gave you special purpose for all to see.
He gave you life to bring all your joy and cheer to our family.
You touched everyone's hearts, that was clear.
I'm so blessed that he gave you to me.
You'r pretty little face and cute baby smile,
You were like a ray of sunshine that everyone saw.
I will never forget Mommy's precious little angel, You made me so
He took you so soon I just don't understand.
I had so many plans for my little man.
But God must have had better one's instead.
You were so perfect with a strong little soul that He called for
Mommy's little angel to come home.
Im glad He gave me a chance to love and care for a perfect little angel,
an angel, angel of mine.
I will cry every now and then, It will take Mommy some time.
I love you so.
I just didn't want you to go.
I know that you'r in a better place, but you'r not really gone.
Your spirit will surround us for you will never be forgotten.
I'll look to the heaven's and find the brightest star,
that will be you, You will never really be that far.
Mommy's just sad, I just wanted to watch you grow, I know I'll be with
you once again.
And Conner, remember you will always be Mommy's little man.

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