Angel Of My Death

Straight long staring into her eyes,
never breathing breath.
Something hidden by disguise,
the angel of my death.
Glimpses down all tempting streets,
craving for that taste of sweet.
Holding her wrapped up in sheets,
exactly how Ive dreamt.
Way far better than surprise,
four erotic tear filled eyes.
Spinning circles lifting high,
never breathing breath.
Something hidden in disguise,
she's the angel of my death.

by Ken Bennight

Comments (11)

I love this, dark and sexy.
I think every guy has an angel of his death so it was fitting for such a great man and wonderful writer to think up something like this. great work hun. PYT
Love the title and great lines so well written
I like this a lot. I wrote a similar poem. Not as good though so I didn't post it, but I like it a lot.
this poems seems okay to me. but if i were to think of death as a positive word or event i would definitly love it.
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