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Angel Of The Arenaceous Beach
(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

Angel Of The Arenaceous Beach

Poem By Michael Fischer

She sits on the arenaceous beach
with her legs extended out in front
and her hands behind her back
as she takes in the glorious day.

The borrowed ocean slides off
of her glistening bronze stature
as the sand cushions her long legs
and penetrates her curling toes.

I'd give just about everything I had
just to shrink down to one foot tall;
So I could sit on her luxurious lap
and admire her beauty forever!

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Comments (9)

Great imagery, but is this some strange desire to be a baby again? Freud would have fun with this! -chuck
This is a beautiful sensual poem with an unexpected twist in the final stanza. You express your passion with an whimsy and more than the hint of a smile. Great poem. love, Allie xxxxxxx
love your phrase - 'borrowed ocean'. love the poem! al.
Just make sure you have the anti-dote for coming back to full size...lol Sensual piece, oh how the mind works!
I can easily relate to those feelings but bear in mind you must be careful what you wish for it may not turn out as you might want Would you really want to be one foot tall